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Author Jennifer Marcenelle will show your audience how to move from burn out to BurnBright in their own lives. Live Happier, Healthier and More Whole, TODAY!

Jennifer Marcenelle, MBA, BSN, RN– is a woman who knows exactly what it’s like to experience burn out to to the point of absolute exhaustion, self-abasement, and near-death. Her incredible story of learning to recognize, treat and heal the physical, mental, emotional, causal and spiritual causes of burn out will transform nurses, and those in the healing industry- who similarly are struggling with their overwhelming journey.  Jennifer’s power presentations are entertaining, inspirational , humorous and transformational.  Her new book, BurnBright Resuscitation of a Nurse’s Soul, will be available early 2017.

Story Ideas:

  • Be the Iron Man of your Own Life – 3 TODAY power- tools to strengthen your core self
  • The Five Keys to BurnBright – Core Alignment for Forward Momentum
  • Recharge Your Battery – From “Burnout” to “BurnBright”- 5 Power tips to bring back your MOJO
  • Fix The Leak – Where’s Your Energy going? Pinpoint the Holes in Your Power House
  • ADD – 3 ways to focus the mind, and silence the distracting voices
  • Multi-tasking Myth Busting – More is less. Targeted Energy allows for effectiveness
  • 3 ways to Draw Love, Acceptance and Energy from the Higher Power – instead of unreliable sources
  • Live in the Moment – 2 ways to stop projecting negative energy into your work and home


Jennifer is a knowledgeable and entertaining guest, who’s well spoken and engaging.


Houston, and nationwide by arrangement. Also available on Skype and by phone upon request.

Jennifer’s book, BurnBright Resuscitation of a Nurse’s Soul, will be available nationwide early 2017.